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At Standing By Your Dream Initiative, Inc., serving New York City and worldwide, our goal is to provide information and financial support to girls who have a zeal for education. Often, tradition or religion forces these girls into early marriages, but with your help and donations, we can fight that. Donations to our children's charity can be made through our site or by check or money order to either the New York or Nigerian address. In addition, Standing By Your Dream Initiative, Inc. has books for sale.

Dr. Chris

Small Business Sustainability Strategies in Competitive Environments: Small Business and Competition by Dr. Chris Akaeze

Published by LAP Lambert Academic Published on May 24, 2016, this book explores strategies that small auto dealership business owners use to sustain their businesses in New York City. Through interviews with dealership owners who have been successful for at least five years, strategies were developed to help businesses sustain themselves and grow more prosperous. This is important for our overall economy as small business owners contribute approximately 39% of the gross domestic product and create two out of every three new jobs. 75% of startups fail within five years. but with our book, we can help people make it past that mark.


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Strategies Required by Managers to Inhibit Movie Piracy by Dr. Nana Akaeze

Available in paperback and hardcover, this book was published by LAP Lambert Academic Publishing on May 17, 2016, and is about movie piracy, which resulted in approximately $1.55 billion in lost ticket revenues in 2002 and up to $1.37 billion in 2012. Through research and face-to-face semi-structured interviews with movie managers who have worked for at least five years in New York City, marketing, legal, and customer management strategies were identified for inhibiting movie piracy. These findings can be used to prevent piracy, sustain business, and reduce job losses. This work is recommended to move industry leaders, employees, and their families.

Dr. Nana

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